Our Approach

Collecting art is an emotionally and aesthetically challenging journey. The benefits sought by collectors are of various aspects, but not limited to, creating a unique portfolio, expressing their individuality, making a profitable investment, experiencing excitement embedded within the sense of conquest while buying art, or enjoying being surrounded by renown artworks. In this regard, Julie Meneret assists art collectors achieving utmost emotional, intellectual and financial goals. Her practice focuses on the new generation of artists.

The vibrant contemporary art scene is in perpetual motion; it offers an unparalleled and overwhelming richness of quality and quantity that confuses art collectors. Indeed, making the right choices on the art market and having access to the most appropriate source of information is highly time-consuming as well as a significant source of questions. Thanks to her large network of artists, art dealers, art critics and art curators, Julie Meneret uses her technical and practical art expertise, both as an art dealer and art collector, to give collectors major keys in understanding the emerging art market. Because she believes that collecting art extends far beyond a simple purchase, Julie Meneret’s agenda is to establish a unique relationship between the art collector, the artist and his art.

Dare to be at the very center of Art.„

Our Services

Julie Meneret Contemporary offers advisory services including:
– Consultation with our client to determine what goals need to be addressed, to implement a planning and discuss a budget.
– Research of artworks.
– Comprehensive due diligence.
– Artist studios visits to meet the artist and learn more about their practice / Art fair tours.
– Negotiation of the work on the client’s behalf.
– Organization of the shipping, delivery and installation of the client’s work.

Julie Meneret Contemporary also assists art collectors in the management of their collection including the development of an artwork inventory database, the creation of a catalogue, the use of a storage space or the organization of the artworks at the client’s place.